Assignment: TAFE NSW course descriptions

Industry: Education


TAFE NSW offers technical and further education. As a Marketing Consultant in the Published Product Information Team, I assessed website requirements to promote courses to boost online enrolments. This involved reviewing communications strategies, governance requirements and data to inform IA, UX, CX and SEO.

My role

I was tasked with preparing marketing copy to promote TAFE NSW courses. This required me to liaise with subject matter experts (SMEs) and to seek internal approvals before publishing. Compelling, accurate and easy-to-understand plain English emphasises the product’s point of difference.

I created the below website governance diagram to align the team’s work efforts.

I wrote the course description for the TAFE NSW Statement of Attainment in Artificial Intelligence Skill Set.

To complement the TAFE NSW website content, conversation points are created for the contact centre service team to guide prospective students in decision-making. Below is an example of deep-dive content for the TAFE Statement in Music – Introduction to songwriting.

Character traits:

  • Creativity
  • A love of music
  • A collaborative nature
  • Patience and commitment to practice and hone their craft

What makes this course great?

Learn songwriting with a music industry professional who has many years of experience writing and producing
music. With the group, revisit some songs of your favourite artists and unpack what goes into past successes.
Let the inspiration influence your work as you find your flow to complete your song(s).

With an expert guiding you, you’ll be challenged to use various songwriting techniques to complete your
project. To evolve your music development we touch on music production and what it takes to get a great song
out there.

What makes this course unique?

This is a one-day tried-and-tested way of learning songwriting. The course covers writing both lyrics and music.

Songwriting is most often a very personal and subjective process that emerges over time. This course will enable you to discover practices that you can use to exchange your expressions for words. Hone your skills in industry-standard facilities, learn how to refine your song structures and develop songwriting techniques to
connect with your audience.

Bring your ideas along and make some music.

Let’s work together