Assignment: St Vincent’s Private Hospitals



Within the St Vincent’s Private Hospitals network, each location previously had an individual website. A new website was built to consolidate the information into one website. Whilst there was a lot of common information across the 10 hospitals, each had unique specialties, facilities and expertise.

My role

I migrated maternity content to the new website. This required working with the UX Designer to redesign the page layouts.

I was tasked with planning content and writing video descriptions for the Women’s Health Physiotherapy website page for St Vincent’s Private Hospital Fitzroy VIC. I needed to ensure the information was accurate and simple to reflect the specialists’ messages.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy video descriptions

Taking care of your back during pregnancy

During pregnancy, there’s a lot more pressure on your joints and muscles that support your lower back. As your body goes through changes we encourage you to also change some habits to support your body.

The pelvic floor during pregnancy

Learn to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to reduce stress on your bladder and bowel throughout pregnancy and prepare your body for labour. These exercises will also work towards a faster recovery.

Common pain experienced during pregnancy

Hear about common aches and pains as a result of your changing body and hormones during pregnancy as well as who to contact to help you manage it.

Food cravings during pregnancy

Expectant mothers often experience food cravings and hunger. Hear about the best way to manage these internal signs to keep you and your baby healthy.

Safely exercising during pregnancy

It is definitely safe to exercise during pregnancy and you will benefit through increased energy levels. As fitness leads to a faster recovery, explore how to alter your routine to suit your changing body.

Abdominal muscle changes during pregnancy

As your baby grows, your abdominal muscles will naturally stretch with your womb. Watch to find out how to protect your tummy muscles during pregnancy and strengthen them after birth.

Emotional changes during pregnancy

There’s so much we can do to support the emotional well-being of expectant mums. It is completely normal to experience a range of feelings that may be overwhelming. Let your midwife or obstetrician know.

Compression garments, before and after pregnancy

Some women benefit from support during pregnancy, if it feels good do it. Our physiotherapist will visit you in the maternity ward, hear what recommendations they can give you postpartum based on your body.

What to bring to the hospital when having your baby

When packing for the hospital remember that you will be enjoying the postpartum rest and bonding days so bring clothes that are practical and that make you feel good. Keep cosy with these suggestions.

Strengthen your pelvic floor with these exercises

We begin by locating your pelvic floor muscles, then get familiar with the correct method for lifting and letting go. Start practising early and throughout your pregnancy to alleviate pelvic girdle pain.

Leakage during pregnancy

With strong pelvic floor muscles, you shouldn’t experience any leakage. In late pregnancy, there’s extra pressure on your uterus so some leakage may occur.

Page layout opportunities

The first screenshot is of migrated content for Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

The second image is a mockup for online learning.

This project was a great opportunity to utilise communications technology as a tool to aid patients through their treatments.

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